February 1st, 2009

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  1. Chip Says:

    Sick site dude

  2. jambon Says:

    These vids are crazy! What are you filming on?

  3. admin Says:

    I shoot with a Sony PMW-EX1.

  4. Zac Moxley Says:

    Dude Filming and editing IS amazing. Im sooo stoked on your shit.
    I love to film and I really want to get better, Dude it would be super sick if you could hook me up with some tips tricks and pointers. Im only 13 and im still ttrying to get into filming, can you check some of my stuff and give me some pointers?
    Be sure to check: Braedon wheeler promo 09, The wilson edit, and some others

    Thanks dude

  5. admin Says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words Zac! Expect some new stuff coming out soon, one edit featuring the Jiberish team, another featuring some of Electric’s best. I’ll check out the videos and send you a message on there!

  6. frank king Says:

    you guys get some sick footy and all your follow cams look so smooth do you guy use a camera stabilizer like a glidecam or something?

  7. admin Says:

    Thanks Frank,
    I use a Glidecam 4000 Pro for about 95% of my follows.

  8. chris Says:

    Hey man, first off, I love your vids!
    But I’d like to know what the song in the Duncan Adams X-Games Pipe video is called?


  9. admin Says:

    Thanks a lot Chris! The song is: Dub Terror – “Shinobi” (feat. Echo Ranks & Santanu)

  10. chris Says:

    Your edits are all so dope. Your filming is superb.

    I really want to get into filming and editing, but it seems like it’s just all about who you are filming. You obviously ride with some of the best in the game, and I was just wondering how you got in with all these sick riders?

  11. admin Says:

    Hey Chris,
    I started making movies with my friends back when I was 13, I’m 23 now. I just kept at it; when I first started it wasn’t serious at all and was just for fun. I went to high school with Liam (Downey) and we first started trying to make somewhat legit edits (we had a long way to grow at the time). I made a short movie back in 2004 and continued making edits after that, primarily covering east coast comps and shooting with some up and coming East Coast guys. I went to school for tv/video production and got very serious about making videos.

    Two summers ago, I traveled out to Mt Hood, Oregon for two weeks to shoot with Liam and some of his friends at the time that were coaches at Windells. There I was able to meet some really cool people and seriously incredible skiers and snowboarders. Last year I came out to Colorado knowing a few kids out here–most I had met in Hood the previous summer–we put out a couple edits. The more I shot, the more people I met and the more people were interested in working with me. You just can’t stop putting your ideas out there. It’s hard to say how I got in with them, it’s obviously not something that happened overnight.

  12. frank Says:

    hey your follow cam shots a really sick and i am wondering if you guys use a fish eye because your shots arent distorted at all?

  13. admin Says:

    Hey Frank,
    Definitely an interesting and very relevant question to my season right now. Last year I ALWAYS used my Century Optics wide angle for follows with the Glide Cam. In the middle of the summer and beginning of this winter I came to the conclusion that I really want to try to shoot basically all of my follows without a fisheye to really take advantage of the full quality that HD offers. I was tired oh how much distortion I was getting and wanted to try something different. I experimented a bit with using my EX1 on the Glide Cam without using a wide at the end of the summer and I was really quite happy with the results. At the beginning of the winter I came the conclusion I wanted to try shooting with no wide for most of the winter (unless it was a specific shot where a wide angle would be a benefit). So this winter I have actually not used my wide once.

  14. Frédéric Pansini Says:

    Foor Floors Diplo Edit Sunday Girl .. Is the best song Ever!

  15. Tyler Says:

    I was wondering how you got your website.

    Your edits are sick.

  16. Günther Says:


    The edit of occular detour is the best of the 09-10 season.
    The music identicly matched the skiing. I’ve watched it like 20 times.
    Props to you guys

  17. admin Says:

    Thank you Günther!

  18. Fran Says:

    Hey man, I am about to purchase a glidecam 4000HD primary for shooting skiing. Do you think it’s worth buying a warranty with it?

  19. admin Says:

    Hi Fran,
    Really thats a personal decision, price vs. odds you will use it. I did not purchase insurance for mine when I bought it, but I bought mine off eBay.

  20. simon Says:

    im missing new videos.

    im still coming on your site to watch the old ones.

  21. Mike Says:

    Duncan, what software do you use?

  22. admin Says:

    Hey Mike,
    I use Final Cut Pro to edit. Minor stuff in After Effects and some in Photoshop. Motion for some re-timing. Soundtrack for audio. Thanks!

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