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Gypsies Need Not Apply drops!

January 24th, 2009

I’ve been hanging out in Breckenridge, CO for just over a week. When I first got here we were blessed with four blue-bird days in a row. Since then we have had four completely gray-bird days and a few inches of snow here and there. Not enough to shoot powder, to gray to shoot park. Bah. Over the four days of sun we did have we were able to shoot a quality short little park edit. The edit features the skiing of Liam Downey, Tanner Rainville, Ben Moxham and Matt Walker. We shot at both Keystone and Breckenridge, CO.

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HD Embed:

Gypsies Need Not Apply from Junction 133 on Vimeo.

Bootleg Mount Snow Dew Tour Slope Edit

January 15th, 2009

The Dew Tour is the biggest thing to come to Vermont in a while as far as skiing is concerned (R.I.P. VT Open) and you’d be a fool to think I’m not showing up with my camera.

HD embed:

Henrik Harlaut – Aspen Open – a quali run and a semi run from Junction 133 on Vimeo.